Physical Features of Italy?


Italy is located in Southern Europe and is 301,340 square kilometers in size. It is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and has, for the most part, a climate characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The terrain is rugged and mountainous, but there are some coastal lowlands and plains. Italy is home to much volcanic activity, including Mt. Etna.
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it is shaped like a boot.
Physical feature is something that we can see with our eyes and that we can describe. For example some physical feature of person's face, appearance etc.
Italy is shaped like a cowboy's boot about to hoof the island of
Penguin bodies are elongated, sleek and streamlined, and are tapered at each end. Their bones are dense for strength and to easily dive underwater. Most mature penguins are black
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Italy is shaped just like a cowboy's boot about to hoof the island of Sicily. Its entire area, as well as Sicily, Sardinia and the smaller islands, mostly in the ...
One of the physical features of Rome are, the capital of Italy, is the river Tiber, which flow from Apennine Mountain to Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome has a Mediterranean ...
Physical features are the visible traits of something that create the first impression to the viewer. Geographically, they include landforms, water bodies, climate ...
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