What Are Effective Physical Therapy Exercises for a Fractured Fibula?


A broken fibula is usually caused by certain activities such as ballet, basketball and other contact sports. One physical therapy that can help with the broken fibula is a balancing exercise. Therapists may also recommend holding the foot in the four directions for at least 10 seconds for each direction.
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Depends how bad the break was and the cast you had. I broke mine and had a cast to my hip rom my toes, for about 4-5 months. When it came to getting a smaller kneww to toe cast, where
If your doctor okay's it, you should see a physical
I am sorry, but i cannot help you with this as i do not know what surgery you had done. you really need to consult your surgeon first and get all your information from him. . I
Question - After someone has surgery to repair a broken hip, they can receive physical therapy in one of several settings, including at the hospital (post op), in a rehabilitation
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Physical Therapy for Broken Fibula
Having a broken bone can be very painful and annoying. Not having full mobility or range of motion is frustrating and exasperating. Breaks in the fibula, the outer and thinner of the two leg bones located between the ankle and knee, are common. This bone... More »
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