Physiological Effects of Shabu?


Shabu is another street name for a drug that is typically called speed.Speed is classified as a methamphetamine drug. This drug acts as a stimulant that affects the nervous system of the body. This stimulation provides energy and mood enhancement for those who take the drug. Some of the physiological effects of shabu or speed are increased blood pressure, insomnia, a decrease in appetite. Most dangerous, speed can cause hypothermia and an irregular heartbeat. The effects of methamphetamine can be life threatening.
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Shabu is a prohibited drug. Said to be addictive and destructive. For occasional users like me, here are the effects: 1. Insomnia which can last for as long as three days 2. You feel
Normal calcaemia is about 9.4 mg/100ml. The effects depend how much elevated it is. If it remains within. 12-15 mg/100ml. it can cause: Depression of the Central Nervous System. Reflex
Depressants are drugs that have a calming or sedating effect on the user. Drugs in this class include benzodiazepines, sedative-hypnotics, alcohol and barbiturates. Physical effects
1 Know the common biochemical disturbances that are associated with this neurotransmitter in the body of humans. Disturbances in the concentration of this organic compound in the
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