How easy is it to donate used furniture?


The most widely recognized organization that accepts used furniture is the Salvation Army, and a person only needs to call the organization and request a pickup of the unwanted items. There are also other types of donation centers that pick up furniture, and they also allow people to drop off their unwanted items.

Most people recognize the Salvation Army as an organization that accepts used clothing, furniture, appliances and toys. Many of its locations around the United States offer a pickup service for those who are unable to bring in their items. In some cities, it is possible to find other organizations that also offer a pickup service for these items. Looking online for a specific town is the best method for finding these locations. Typically, these organizations are operated by a specific religion that sells the items they collect. A number of these groups use the proceeds from the used furniture to help buy food for members of the community. Others organizations use the money to pay for medical or household bills for their less fortunate members. One thing to remember is that all donated items need to be in relatively good condition, because many of these organizations do not have the money or the manpower for repairs.

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