What Does Frosted Hair Look like?


Hair frosting is when you bleach individual strands while leaving the adjacent stands of the hair unbleached. The overall look is a pepper effect, blending the lighter bleached strands with the darker strands.
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Frosted hair is the 80's word, for highlights. Most frosted hair in the 80's was a very light blond (almost white) and often in thicker streaks. Some people only frosted certain sections
1. Wash the hair as normal, using a regular shampoo. Dry with a towel, but leave it slightly damp. Comb the hair to remove any tangles. 2. Put on a frosting cap. Pull small pieces
1. Put on your old t-shirt. Place the frosting cap on the head. Pull through an equal amount of hair strands through the cap. To achieve highlights around the entire circumference
It was Brown but it was gray in his later years.
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You can find pictures of frosted hair and hairstyles in hair and style books at hair salons. You can also find some frosted hair pictures in books about hairstyles ...
There is one main difference between frosting and highlighting hair. Highlighting hair takes much more time and resources. Frosting only covers the tips. ...
Placement of the color is the difference between hair frosting and hair highlighting. When frosting the hair the color is put in random spot over the entire head ...
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