How do you start a piggery business?


Starting a piggery business, or pig farm, requires understanding about the care and feeding of pigs. Whether the pigs are being raised as pets, for wholesale or being raised to be butchered, the method of caring for the animal remains the same. The three most needed things for a piggery include a clean water source, a waste drainage system and food for the pigs.

Prospective piggery business owners first decide how many pigs are needed to begin operations. Stocking the farm with multiple pigs is recommended, as they are social animals and enjoy company, according to Mother Earth News. It is recommended that piglets be purchased no younger than 8 weeks old. Each pig requires daily feeding and care. Therefore, the number of pigs is determined by how much money the business wants to spend to ensure the pigs remain healthy.

Keeping the pigs disease free is also a factor. Contrary to popular the popular belief that pigs are messy animals, they are actually very clean animals that are easily susceptible to illness, according to Pigs need plenty of water available for drinking and washing. In addition to water, the cages, or pens, must be consistently cleansed of pig waste. This requires that the owner set up a waste drainage system that carries the waste safely into a septic tank; this system should be in place before purchasing pigs.

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