How to Start a Piggery Business?


A piggery business is one that operates raising pigs, especially for meat consumption. To start up a piggery, you will have to plan out a shelter or pen with appropriate temperature for the pigs. You will also have to file for a business license. For a business plan, you can show how much expenses you will incur in start-ups and how much profit you expect to gain from the pigs. You can also state if you plan to slaughter the pigs on site or sell them to a butchery.
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Business plan is fromal document, which details goals and objectives of any business and how the company will be successful in achieveing them. it also applies to the Biggery business
1. Apply for licenses and permits. Register your business with the Secretary of State. Also, register with the department of health and conform to its policies, which prohibit pig
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1. Write the executive summary to provide an overview of your scrapbooking business, including your mission statement, the tools and resources used in creating your scrapbook products
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