How do you choreograph a Pilates routine?


To choreograph a Pilates routine begin by selecting the music that will be used. Make sure that poses are incorporated and that each one easily flows into the next. Time the routine making sure that it's the right length and leave room at the end of the routine for a cool down.
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1. Choose the music you want to use for the routine. Pilates music is usually slower and instrumental, but obviously you can challenge yourself to use anything. Professional CDs are
focus and concentration.
I actually do piloga which is a combination of yoga and pilates. So I get the best of both worlds: I get the toning from pilates and the stretching and relaxation of yoga! I do the
The pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1900's consists about ninety percent of mat work. A lot of time is spent on stregthening your "powerhouse" or abdominal
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