How to Make Bottle Crafts?


Pill bottle crafts are the process of reusing bottles to turn them into a pretty craft or educational product. To make pill bottle, begin with washing bottles thoroughly and then glue marbles onto the bottle. Secondly, put holes on the sides of the plastic bottle, on the bottom. Cut a 'U' shape into the bottle. Pour birdseed into the feeder and then screw the cap. Tie the bell to a string and snake the string through the holes.
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Pill Bottle Crafts
If your medicine cabinet is overrun by empty prescription pill bottles and you don't want to throw them away, worry not--those little plastic tubes can be quite useful to someone with a crafty mind. With a bit of ingenuity, you can transform old pill... More »
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1. Cut off a strip from two of the top portions of the box's sides. You want the top of the box to fit snug into the bottom of the box. The bottom of the box will become the base
you can do what i do. use them to sort items like: rings. change. paper clips. and others.
1 Decide if you will purchase plastic or metal bottle caps. This will depend on your preference and the type of craft. Metal press caps are the most common type used for crafts. Plastic
It's a desiccant container. They're like the silica gel packets found in shoe boxes, but in a container that is safe for direct contact with medicine (and not likely to be confused
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