Which pill has L484 on it?


According to Drugs.com, acetaminophen 500 milligrams bears the imprint "L484." It's a white oblong-shaped pill measuring 16 millimeters that's manufactured by Kroger Company. Acetaminophen can be prescribed by a physician or purchased over the counter.

Drugs.com states that acetaminophen 500 milligrams reduces fever and treats pain resulting from many different conditions. Side effects while taking acetaminophen are rare when used properly. Severe disease interactions for acetaminophen include liver disease and alcoholism. The Food and Drug Administration has not categorized acetaminophen in its oral form as presenting a risk to the human fetus. Acetaminophen is considered safe for use during pregnancy in small quantities.

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White caplet imprinted L 484 is 500 mg acetaminophen, generic extra-strength Tylenol. Thanks for
Not Medical Advice: Pill imprint L484 has been identified as Acetaminophen 500mg. It is used in the treatment of pain; muscle pain; fever; sciatica.
Extra Strength Tylenol.
8 Jun 2009 This pill is Acetaminophen 500mg Imprint Code L484 White oblong tablet More info at http://www.drugs.com/acetaminophen.html
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