How can I look up inmates in the Pima County Jail?


You can use the Pima County Sheriff's website for access to the Pima County Jail inmate look up. The website does require you to log in and create an account. To marry an inmate in county jail, you will need to first get a license. Then, hire an officiate to perform the service in the jail.
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1. Contact the Administrative Office for the Emmet County Correctional Facility at 231-347-2036 and inquire whether the individual is in custody at the jail. As of November 2010,
Information pertaining to someone who is in custody can be obtained by
Many states/counties provide inmate records online. You can start with the county sheriff's office or detention center. Vinelink also provides inmate records for many counties in…. He's here, type in his name, or here's his offender ID # Offender Name: RAYMOND EARL KENNEDY. Offender ID:120000543 Date of Birth
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