Pimply Itchy Rash?


Itchy rash of pimply bumps may be caused by various conditions for example; Bacterial, viral or fungal infections, Allergy Dermatitis, Heat rash, Parasites can get into your skin and cause a rash, but generally such rashes don't last for more than two days. You may experience a pimplelike rash after taking medications or eating food that you are allergic to. The location, appearance and color of your rash can help a specialist make a well informed analysis.
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For your inner thighs use a soothing non-irritating lotion, and cover it with cornstarch. It will most likely dissapear over night. I have the same problem on my abdomen. For your
1. Know your family's medical history. It is possible that other members have experienced frequent or recurrent skin rashes. If there are others with the same problem in the family,
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