How to Treat Arm Pain from a Pinched Nerve?


The pain in your upper arm and shoulder will not go away unless you find out why it is there. If the doctor says you have a pinched nerve, sometimes stretching your arm up and down might help. Therapy is also recommended. Try to apply heat and do not move it too much. It could be you slept the wrong way.
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1. Add two or three ice cubes or crushed ice to a plastic bag. Apply the bag directly to the area between your neck and shoulder blade. Keep the ice on the area for at least 15 minutes
Numbness in the extremity of the arm concerned, hand, fingers.
The ulnar nerve, origin C7-T1, continuation of the medial cord of the
You probably have something called "dequervians disease". Basically most people end up having it and it just means that your muscles are tight. Try RICE *Rest Ice Compression
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