How can I remove pine tar from clothing?


Pine Tree Tar is very sticky and easily gets into clothes. This would sticky substance makes it seem that how to get out would be difficult. However this is not the case. The best way to perform pine tar removal from clothing is to blot it with rubbing alcohol and slowly wipe it away with an old rag.
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1. Soak a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol and work it into the pine tar stain. The alcohol should soak through to the other side of the stained fabric. Use a lint-free cloth
How do I remove pine rosin or pine tar from clothes? Here's how to remove pine tar stains from clothes: This is a combination stain - oily/waxy and dye and requires special treatment
1. Peel off as much tar as possible before treating. Ad. 2. Test your chosen method on a small area or one garment. Some fabrics may be lightened in color, stained, weakened or have
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How to Remove Pine Tar From Clothing
Pine tar, also called pine sap, is a sticky, viscous substance that drips from the trunks and branches of pine trees. Like candle wax, pine tar soaks into the fibers of most fabrics and can be very difficult to remove. Putting an item stained with pine... More »
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