Pinky Toe Numb?


A numb feeling in the pinky toe is not uncommon and can be caused by injury or nerve damage. It can also be caused by arthritis in the hips and buttocks area. Also, when a person stubs his or her pinky toe, blood vessels may burst causing an intermittent numb feeling while the toe heals. Some people do not even realize they broke their pink toe when they stubbed it and a broken toe can easily result in a numb feeling.
Q&A Related to "Pinky Toe Numb?"
Remaining in the same seated or standing position for a long time can cause numbness
Because of its location on the foot, the pinky toe is closest to the outside of your foot. Sometimes referred to as the fifth toe, the fat and skin that wrap the pinky toe consist
Once again, seriously sounds like a nerve problem, and it could be leading to nerve damage, so you need to go to a different doctor, or go to the emergency room. IT IS NOT YOUR DIET
The fifth, or pinkie, toe functions as part of a group of five toes. They help you walk. Though some might say there is no (important) biological function, it still has a function
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