How to Burn a DVD on Pinnacle Studio


1. Open the "Pinnacle Studio 8" menu and click "Setup. Open the "Edit" tab and click "Folder for Auxiliary Folders, then choose the hard drive on your computer that contains the most free space and press "OK. 2. Click the "Make Movie" tab of the main
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1. Boot up FL Studio 8.0. [1] 2. Hit (in the side task bar) "Packs" and explore in there until you find the desired sound(s) you like. 3. Drag that over one of the current
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1. Open Pinnacle Studios 8 from your desktop. 2. Select "File" and "Import Media from Device. The "Import Media" dialogue box will appear ...
1. Launch Pinnacle Studio 8 from the Start menu under "All Programs." You may also launch the video editing software from a desktop shortcut. 2. Click ...
One can download the Pinnacle Studio Version 8 from This particular version is also compatible with Studio products such as Studio 9 and Pinnacle ...
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