What is a Pioneer SX 315?


Pioneer SX 315 is receiver designed for small to medium home theater systems. Its total system power is up to 700 watts while its 6.1 Dolby Digital EX ensures the room is filled with the a good quality soundtrack.
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1. Cut a length of speaker wire for each speaker you want to connect to the SX-201 and strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the two strands on each end. 2. Push up on the red and black
hello i have a pioneer sx-315 it plays great but the sub performs badly.they sound is very low.they really need to perform better.if anybody know any sub that work better please let
There is no model from Pioneer called the SX-10. The lowest model they have is the Pioneer
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To reset your Pioneer SX 315 receiver set it into standby mode then press tone and system at the same time. When prompted with the word 'RESET' touch or press ok then it will ask for confirmation regarding RESET just hit on ok again. You will receive a notification that the device is already back to defaults.
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