How to Make Animals with Pipe Cleaners?


To make animals with pipe cleaners, create a loop at the center of the pipe. To create the body of an animal, take another pipe and wrap it around the pip cleaner. The animal's legs should be made with the help of two pieces of pipe cleaner.
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1. Twist a pipe cleaner around itself to create a loop in the center. Make the loop as large as you want the animal's head to be. 2. Wrap another pipe cleaner around a marker or highlighter
1 Select two pipe cleaners of the same color. Bend the two pipe cleaners, one inch (2.5cm) from both sides, to make legs. Ad
1. Twist 1 black and 1 yellow pipe cleaner together, forming a black and yellow striped stick. You can also use a single yellow and black s
Well with those materials, you could make one
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