How much does a red-nose tiger-striped pit bull cost?


Red nose tiger striped pit bulls can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. It all depends on the breeding line, the work and car gone into the litter, not to mention the vet cost and registration costs.
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You should check the kennels around your area. In your internet search area type your city or state and right after that type red pitbulls kennels. The result page will bring you
I would say that Tiger and Stripes would be a good name
how about killer, because thats what he will be in a couple of months when he mauls and kills an old lady or someone elses pet. pitbulls are a vicious breed that should be extinct!
I thought they were both the same. Answers: They are the same thing. The term "tiger striped" got applied by people who were into street-corner dog fighting, and knew absolutely
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