Places That Help Pay Rent?


If you need help paying your rent, there are ways to seek help. You should first ask charities in your area if they offer help. If you do not know how to find charities a local church should be the first stop. Also, if you are in need of rental assistance in the United States, you should dial 411. 411 is the number to receive information on help that can pay rent and mortgage, offer food banks, and other services that can help individuals and families that are in need.
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1. Contact your landlord first if you anticipate ongoing financial hardship. Be honest. She may be willing to lower your rent temporarily or develop some type of payment plan. 2.
Http:// is a link to all rent assistance
Try HUD or Section 8 housing.
Job. Roommate to split the rent with you. Friends. Family. Church. Loan from a bank. In theory, the government if you meet certain income limits, but the waiting list is years long
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