What places help pay rent?


There are various agencies and organizations that offer rental payment assistance, including churches, charity programs and other nonprofit organizations. There are also federal programs to help with housing, such as The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program and services offered through Housing and Urban Development, according to the website Need Help Paying Bills. Rental assistance programs vary by state.

Many community agencies in various states have rental assistance available through private donations and other forms of funding. Organizations such as The United Way, The Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul are some of the oldest organizations offering assistance with rent, depending on availability of resources.

On a state level, for example, states such as Massachusetts offer assistance through the program Residential Assistance for Families in Transition, Texas' Department of Housing and Community Affairs has rental assistance programs, and Florida has the assistance available through the Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program. Information on where to obtain rental assistance is often available on the Internet, at a local public assistance office or community action agency.

Different agencies require different forms of documentation to receive assistance, so it's important to speak with a representative from a prospective agency before applying for assistance. State-issued ID, proof of income, proof of residence and proof of all household members (birth certificates, Social Security cards, etc.) are often requested by agencies for individuals seeking assistance with services.

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1. Contact your landlord first if you anticipate ongoing financial hardship. Be honest. She may be willing to lower your rent temporarily or develop some type of payment plan. 2.
Http://www.rentassistance.us/st/virginia is a link to all rent assistance
Try HUD or Section 8 housing.
Job. Roommate to split the rent with you. Friends. Family. Church. Loan from a bank. In theory, the government if you meet certain income limits, but the waiting list is years long
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