Places to Dig Clams in Maine?


You can dig clams in Maine as long as you have a license first. Then, you can head out to anywhere on the coastline for digging. Sears Island is an option as well as the flats around Ferry Beach in Scarborough. Clam digging is done at low tide. Look for holes in the sand and dig about 10 inches down to reach a clam. You must be careful not to cut your hand or break the shell.
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1 First off you want to browse around for a beach that has either mud or gravel and locate it on a map. You will need to go to the local Marine Patrol office or call 1-800-red-tide
you need to go to the "clam flats"they're the muddy areas that form at low tide.they're found all up and down the coast so its to difficult to pinpoint a specific location
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