Planned and Unplanned Change?


Organizational change is the adjustment of the company's current position. Unplanned change happens in reaction to unanticipated events. Planned changes on the other hand are usually the result of an identified need generated within the organisation.
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1. Review the actions of business owners and managers. They should have a clear understanding and knowledge of change. If they seem unsure of the situation or unclear about its outcome
compare between planned and unplanned change.
(ŭn-plănd') adj. Not intended; unintentional. Having no particular purpose, organization, or structure; random. Not thought out or prepared in advance; spontaneous: an unplanned
Social change is a general term which refers to: * change in social structure: the nature, the social institutions, the social behaviour or the social relations of a society, community
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A person can differentiate between a planned and unplanned change based on whether it was discussed ahead of time. Unplanned changes occur suddenly and even unexpectedly ...
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