Plant Cells Mitochondria?


By definition, mitochondria in a plant cell are part of that cell, and help it to produce the energy it needs to grow and perform its basic functions. One of the interesting characteristics of mitochondria is that there is no set number of them in a cell. The number varies by cell, and scientists have yet to discover a pattern or cause. Mitochondria exist in all cells, not just plant cells.
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Mitochondria provides energy a cell needs to move. The are the power centers of a cell.
Damage to the mitochondria results in a lack of energy
I'm going over a Biology study guide for finals and I haven't the faintest idea on how to explain the presence of both chloroplasts and mitochondria in plant cells. Here are
To build a plant cell you need a base first. To build a base for the model of a plant you can use a wooden base which is good for helping you carry and present the presentation. To
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