Plantations during the Civil War?


Plantations during the Civil War were highly important when it came to distinguishing between different classes of people. Some people were known for the amount of slaves they had, how large their plantation was, or how well their plantation, crops, and slaves were doing. A plantation was something that allowed landowners to make money, while providing adequate resources for their family. The most popular crop was tobacco during the Civil War, followed by rice and indigo.
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They grew tobacco and indigo plants (used to make blue dye) in plantations. In other places there are also plantations where they grow oats and wheat.
During the Civil War, plantation owners would sometimes send their
An orgy of murder and destruction took place. They murdered each other to the tune of some 600,000 brothers, cousins, nephews and uncles.
Among the economic tensions that led to the American Civil War between the North and the South were the differing natures of the regional economies: The North was highly industrialized
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