Plants Found in the Arabian Desert?


There are a few trees and shrubs that are native to the Arabian Desert. There is the ghaf, a medium-sized tree, the date palm tree and junipers, which can also be found in other climates. One shrub that grows almost four feet tall is abal. Capers, the tiny green vegetable you find in Mediterranean cooking, also grows wild in the Arabian Desert.
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desert roses are one kind of plant.
The brittle bush, Encilia farinose, grows abundantly in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. A deciduous shrub, it springs up as a low mound no taller than 5 feet. Its oblong, serrated
Cacti, Aloe Plants, and other various flora.
What do you mean landforms? . Arabia has plains , mountains, valleys, wadis, sand dunes , salt flats , sandy & rocky coastlines , creeks/bays , capes, craters , dirt , trees,
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