Plants That Look like Marijuana?


There aren't many plants that look like marijuana, especially if someone knows exactly what marijuana looks like. Cleome, Kenaf, and Texas Star Hibiscus are all plants that can look similar to marijuana, though there are subtle differences. The Kenaf can also smell similar to marijuana at times, though the leaves are much more rough than fresh marijuana leaves, which is a noticeable difference to most. Marijuana is an illegal substance, none of these other plants are.
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It looks like a plant covered with a 'pyramid' of little nuggets with like small 'classic' pot leaves strewn across it.
Marijuana plants are often identified by their leaf shape. Typically, marijuana plants have slender leaflets of five to seven individual leaves and can be many shades of green with
1. Avoid attempting to cover up the smell. The marijuana plant is a pungent plant and has its own, unique smell. This smell can linger on clothing and rooms for hours, if not days
A houseplant commonly called a False Arali, as well as a wildflower called
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A female marijuana plant is different from a male marijuana plant. Female marijuana plants usually have flowers. The flowers have little furry hairlike structures ...
When marijuana plants are seedlings, they will just look like many other sprouts. You need to wait until they form the common three finger leaves that will alternate ...
A male marijuana plant is tall with a stout stem and it has a few leaves. It also has sporadic branching and it releases pollen grains. These male plants are normally ...
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