Plants That Repel Snakes?


There are a few different plants that can help repel snakes, though none of them are deemed as being perfect, or guaranteed. One of the main plants that snakes seem to have a problem with, is mint. This is a plant that may not only smell good to you, but can also help to keep snakes away. Moth balls are also good for keeping snakes away, and some people say that kerosene, lightly squirted around a perimeter, can help keep snakes away.
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Moth balls work as snake repellents, but they are toxic to people and domestic animals. Products such as Liquid Fence Snake Repellent provide an environmentally friendly solution
Cedar oil is an effective snake repellent.
Marigolds are supposed to deter marauding rodents, but I don't know about snakes. Crown Imperial, a tall fritillaria, is also said to have the same property but it goes dormant by
Khakibos (Tagetes minuta) is used in a variety of products in South Africa as an effective flea repellent. Embed Quote
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