How to Cast a Body Part?


A plaster cast body part is a coating that is used to replicate parts of a body for speedy likeness. To cast a body part you first coat it with petroleum jelly and layer wet gauzes over your body. After that, lift off the gauzes and mix warm water with plaster to release the bubbles. Finally, cut the plaster gauze and fill in the holes with plaster of Paris.
Q&A Related to "How to Cast a Body Part"
1. Coat the body part you are casting with petroleum jelly so it can be released when you are finished. 2. Dip strips of plaster gauze one at a time into the warm water, run the wet
since lava is so hot, it completely obliviates the organism, but leaves a hollow gap under the hardening ash an stuff where it once was, excavators find the hollow gap and fill it
I am going to make a cast of someones arms and legs to make fake body parts for a horror movie but i don't know what to use for the actual part. i need something cheap and that ..
Parafin Wax for a softer mould or RTV silicone rubber for a more stronger mold.
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