How do you open a champagne bottle with a plastic cork?


To open a champagne bottle with a plastic cork you first remove the foil covering the cork. There is often a wire cage surrounding the cork. It should be removed by twisting the wire loop. Make sure you hold on to the cork while you do this. Last, begin twisting the cork back and forth while pulling it from the bottle. If it is difficult to remove, you can try running the cork under warm water.
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1. Remove the foil wrapping. 2. Remove the wire cage securing the cork to the rim. Twist the loop open while holding onto the cork. 3. Twist the cork while pulling it out of the bottle
Put the neck of the bottle under hot water for 10 seconds
The pressure in Champagne is too strong. There are still wines available in plastic bottles, but no Champagnes. If you want a sparkling wine but donot want glass, how about Sofia
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