Plastic Wind Spinners?


To make plastic wind spinners, you can begin with a simple pattern. You can use plastic canvas in several colors to create the wind spinners. You will need to cut the plastic into smaller pieces and add holes.
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1. Designate each color of plastic canvas, "A", "B" or "C". Cut each strip 5 holes wide. From color "A", cut two strips each 13, 25, 37 and
Wind spinners come in many different varieties, whether they are hung, mounted, staked in the ground or free-standing. Wind & Weather is one company that makes wind spinners and
1 Wash a plastic grocery bag with handles to make sure it is clean. Ad 2 Wash the greens and shake off excess water over the kitchen sink. 3 Place a dishtowel in the base of the plastic
If you live in a place where the wind blows constantly, you may want to consider putting wind accessories like wind chimes or wind spinners to add a bit of color and excitement to
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