How do you cover windows in plastic?


To be able to cover windows in plastic, clean the windows exhaustively and allow the window to air dry after cleaning. Measure the window frame, both length and height and then cut a piece of your plastic shielding film to the size of the window size using a pair of scissors. Place a strip of double-sided tape along your window frame to the side of the glass. Put the plastic over the window glass and secure it to the window frame using the bare double-sided tape.
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1. Clean the windows thoroughly with window cleaner. Allow the window to air-dry after cleaning. 2. Measure across the window opening, from one side casing (wall trim) to the other.
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The top of the window well has a lip on it that the cover locks into.Just grab the edge and pull it off,there are no latches or locks. Source(s) Home Builder.
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