Where can you play games like the Sims for free without downloading?


Games similar to the Sims can be played free-of-cost online at Puffgames.com and Mousebreaker.com. There are a number of life simulation games that can be played right in an open web browser without having to be downloaded.

There are multiple life simulator games available on Puffgames. Sim Day and Night is a game similar to the Sims for pc, in which the player controls an avatar and enacts life situations. Players make the characters work and earn money in order to progress in the game. Sim 4 is a game similar to the Sims in flash, in which the player is a teenager dealing with everyday life.

Mousebreaker is another website that has free simulation games. Student Sim is a realistic student simulator in which the players character dates and earns a degree. It is a flash game that is played in a web browser.

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If you have a Ps3 you can play a game called ' Plastation home' for free plus its online. Note: Clothing, houses, ect. cost REAL MONEY.
You can click the link I have provided or head over to the
Sims 3 is a PC game, which means there is no possible way of renting it, for no rental store rents out PC games, anymore. Sims 3 is coming soon to wii, xbox 360, and ps3, so when
you cant download it for free it would be great it u could though anyway you have to buy it its around 20 pounds but it is worth every penny the game is soo addicting so definetly
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