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Ibibo offers a free online version of the popular card game, UNO. The game is played clockwise unless the reverse card has been dealt. To play, you must match the number or color of the card played by the previous player. If you do not have either, you must draw a card from the deck. Wild cards can be played with any color. The objective is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand.
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Gameloft | 11 editions | Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad | $0 - $4.99
Play the #1 classic card game for fun with friends and family on...

Gameloft | 2 editions | Windows Phone, Android | FREE
UNO & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!

Gameloft | 1 editions | iPhone, iPad | FREE
UNO & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!
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You can play UNO online for free at a few different websites. But, one of the best online game sites is at MSN games. You can play against other people or bots, if you choose! To
you can play uno online for free at msn games. you can play uno online for free at msn games.
1. Use a deck of UNO cards. The deck has 108 cards consisting of four suits, wild cards, and word cards with directions on them. 2. Choose a dealer by having each player pick one
The main difference you will find between the original Uno game and Uno Attack is that with Uno Attack there is a card shooter that when queued by a player to hit a button a random
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Uno is a fun, family-friendly game that kids of most ages can play. Probably starting around six or seven. It definitely involves at least two players up to about ...
To play UNO online on MSN Games, you must have Internet Explorer version 7 or later, and Windows XP or later. In the game you would use Draw, Reverse, Skip, and ...
In order to play the game Uno Blitzo you will need the game itself, three double A batters and a Phillips screwdriver. To begin put the batteries in the back of ...
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