Playing ASX Files in Windows Media Player?


If you want to play a movie file with an asx extension, you should be able to play it with Windows Media Player. If you're having problems with Windows Media Player recognizing the file, you might want to try to recall if you've played that format before. Also, if it's a streaming file, you may want to check your Internet connection.
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1. Open Notepad by clicking “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories.”. 2. Click “File,” “Open.” Navigate to the directory
If you right click on the URL you posted and go to save target as, that will save the asx file but not the full video clip , however when you run that asx file it will buffer it and
ASX files are streaming audio right? Maybe it just can't play that form of streaming audio. Many radio stations also offer a MP3 stream have you tried that? From the horse mouth.
1. Go to a site where you can download the Open PLS in WMP program (see Resources) Do a virus scan on anything you download to ensure the program is not a virus or carrying trojan
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