How do you answer 'Describe an ideal working environment' in a job interview?


How you answer the question 'describe an ideal working environment'' during a job interview is to answer truthfully. If you are applying for a job you should already know what the companies work environment is like. If your ideal is drastically different from what the work environment for the job is you might want to consider another job.
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cool and dry.
I can agree with you on those. A ideal home-environment is, your home should be your safe haven. The family is joined together as one. Being able to talk to eachother. Respect. Lots
What would be a good answer for this? In a brief statement, in your own words, please describe why you are an ideal candidate for
A laptop and cell phone on a beach sound ideal to me. Short of that, I would like an environment in which I am able to work as I please, without much supervision. Effective: It is
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