Plot and Summary of Touching Spirit Bear?


The plot and summary of the book called, 'Touching Spirit Bear' is that the young man Cole must learn lessons on how to associate with others in a non violent way. The Summary is that he is going to go to jail for treating and beating someone badly. He gets a choice of jail or an Island. On the Island for a year he begins to build his life after being touched by a spirit bear. He learns lessons that he could not have learned in jail.
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The main character in Touching Spirit Bear, Cole Matthews, is an angry young. man. Cole has been stealing and fighting for years. Early in the novel, Cole. catches Peter Driscal in
Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen: Summary: Within Cole
there is no legal place to read touching spirit bear online unless the author post's it himself how ever there are summarys of the book online. The library is also a great place to
Cole saw a massive white bear (the spirit bear) facing him.
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