Plot Summary a Child Called It?


The book called A Child Called It is an autobiography by David Pelzer. The summary of the plot is about the abuse a child suffered by his mother who was an alcoholic. The book was published in 1995.
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A Child Called It by David Pelzer
A Child Called "It" is an autobiographical novel in which David Pelzer details the abuse that he suffered at the hands of his mentally unstable mother, Catherine Roerva, from a young age until the intervention of a schoolteacher. ... More »
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Answer A summary of a play's plot is sometimes called a synopsis.
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look up stuff on the internet on like sparknotes and see how other people write. don't copy them just get ideas and then you'll learn how you should write yours instead of asking
As you read the book, write the main idea from each chapter on a piece of paper. When you finish the book, you can use those notes to summarize the book.
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It's a great book a must read for anyone interested in Child Abuse. ...
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