What are plumbing blueprints?


Plumbing blueprints are blueprints that specifically pertain to the location of the plumbing fixtures in a building. The blueprints show the location of gas lines, pipes, drains and vents as well as the size and number of sinks and toilets.

Plumbing blueprints are required in order to complete the construction of a home or commercial building, but they can also be of vital importance when repairs and updates are necessary. Plumbing blueprints are often included in the entire blueprint of the home but can also be available individually. Knowing the location of gas and water lines both during and after construction can aid in troubleshooting, should any issues arise.

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1. Obtain a guide to the plumbing symbols on a blueprint. You will find legends online, or you may obtain books from the library that list the hundreds of symbols that might be used
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I worked a couple summers for a plumber on new construction (U.S.). I was real surprised to find out they do NOT draw out the piping in the house here. The architect only draws where
We are trying to clean out our plumbing system, but we don’t know where all of the pipes are located. We are looking for a public house blueprint or something to help us out
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