What is the plural of Davis?


To make a singular proper name like Davis a plural name, one adds “es “ to the end of the name, in this case making it "Davises." This is an exception to the usual rules for forming plural nouns or names.

The rules to form either singular or plural possessives of the proper name Davis are regular and clear, with an apostrophe added to indicate the possessive. The singular possessive is Davis’ and the plural possessive is Davises’.

In most cases, a singular noun is pluralized by adding “s” to it, as when "boy" becomes "boys" in the plural. Likewise, to change a singular proper name like Kennedy to its plural form, one adds an “s” to make it Kennedys, even though the pluralizing rule for common nouns ending in "y" would call for changing the "y" to "i" before adding the plural "es" ending.

Q&A Related to "What is the plural of Davis?"
The plural of Davis is Davises. This can be put into a sentence such as "The family next door to us is called Davis. The Davises are very nice people.
The possessive form is. Davis. Families' Picnic. or the. Davis Family. Picnics' ; for example: The. Davis families' picnic. is an annual event. The. Davis family picnics' location
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