What Is the Plural for Moose?


A moose is a type of animal within the deer family. The plural for moose remains the same word when it is in singular form.
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The word moose is from the Algonquin Indians and is already plural. Much like the words deer, elk, and grouse, the plural is the same as the singular.
The plural of moose, is moses. haha jk its meese.
The plural word for moose is the same as the singular, moose! Keep doin'
The plural form of Moose is Moose. It possess both the singular and the plural.
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There are a number of plural words that stay the same as singular. Some of these are bass, moose, sheep and elk. Others include stuff, air, caribou and more. ...
There are many nouns whose forms don't change between singular and plural. There are the well-known ones: fish, moose, deer, sheep, salmon, police, and pants. ...
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