What are some poems about hats?


There are a few poems about hats that are enjoyable to read. Some of the authors are unknown but others have a following of loyal readers. One of the poems about hats is called 'Bats,Bats, Come Under My Hat'. The poem is short and sweet as it goes 'Bat. Bat. come under my hat, I'll give you a slice of bacon. I'll bake you a cake, Next time I bake, If I am not mistaken'. A few other poem titles are 'The Death of the Hat', 'My Awd Hat' and 'Coom, don on thy Bonnet an Shawl'.
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Sonnet and bonnet.
As its name suggests, a couplet has two lines. The last word of each line rhymes, and both lines have the same meter. In poetry, meter generally refers to the number of syllables
Then wear the gold hat, if that will
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