Which poison should be used to kill lizards?


There are no poisons specifically designed to kill lizards. If you want to remove lizards from around your home then you have to remove the things that make it a friendly habitat for lizards. Lizards enjoy living in cool places that are moist and full of small insects. This means that the lizards will live in your shrubbery, garden and trees in your yard. You can remove their food source by spraying for bugs on the outside of your home. You can also think about removing all shrubs and plants near your home.
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name of poison to kill lizard.
Lizards are good for controlling insect populations in and around your home. But, if you must get rid of them standard insecticide will kill them. Rosemary oil can be used as a barrier
1. Set out lizard glue traps all over your home, yard or garage. 2. Wait 24 hours or until you see that the trap has caught a lizard. 3. Fill a bucket with warm soapy water. 4. Drop
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The best thing to do is keep insect populations down and no source of water and the lizards will leave on there own. Lizards are there for the bugs. If you must ...
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