What are the values of Pokemon cards?


You can purchase packs of Pokemon cards from your local stores and online. Once you have cards in your possession you need to determine if they are common, rare, promotional or uncommon. Promotional cards will garner the most value of all the card types. The card must be in pristine condition. You will want to protect it by placing it in case. Next you will want to search for the card on sites like pogo.com to see what the going rate is for the card.
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1. First note the condition on the pokemon card you are seeking value for. Ideal condition is a new card sealed in plastic and never used or opened. Playing with pokemon cards and
It depends on the rarity of the card and what type of card it is. Holographic cards are worth more than normal card. Promos are the most expensive cards.
How much pokemon cards are worth will depend a lot on the card, whether it is a rare card, or just a normal card, and also the condition of the card. Obviously a card in like new
Nonmint, unpackaged cards can sell for $1 to $5 each. Originally packaged,
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How to Find the Value of Pokemon Cards
The Pokemon collectible card game constituted a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of players, a hit TV show, several movies and countless merchandising spin-offs adding to its success. Although it's no longer the juggernaut it once was, it continues to... More »
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The holographic Charizard is a trading card for the Pokemon series. Charizard is a fire type Pokemon. The value of the card will vary based on condition. Amazon ...
Figuring out how much the original Pokemon cards are worth depends on many factors. First, the condition the cards are in will greatly affect the value. One way ...
The Pokemon card with the highest hit points is Wailord EX. It was the first card in the TCG to have 200 HP. There are now three cards that have 200 hit points ...
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