What Is the Food Chain for a Polar Bear?


The food chain for a polar bear ends with him at the top. The polar bear's main food is seals, whose fat provides him with the greatest number of calories. He may eat beached whales or other animals if the opportunity arises, but he needs the fat from seals to survive. Further down the food chain, those same seals mainly feed on fish, who in turn feed on smaller fish.
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The Polar Bear is at the top of the "food chain" in the Arctic. They maintain the balance of nature, by preventing an overpopulation of seals. Seals are the Polar Bear's
Polar bears top the food chain in the Arctic. They help keep the balance of
The polar bear has no predators except man, and without high powered rifles, not even man. For a polar bear, there are two kinds of creatures on earth: other polar bears, and the
They require camouflage for hunting not defence. They need to stay hidden until last possible moment. Otherwise prey would outrun them!
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