How to Remove a Seat in a Polaris Indy?


I tend to think that if you wish to do repairs on a snowmobile, and you're not sure how to do it, you might want to get a repair manual. I think what will help you is a diagram of how the snowmobile is put together, and that's where you'll find it. It's hard to cover all of the process in this short answer site, but Clymer repair manuals are designed to help with this sort of thing, so you might want to get your hands on one.
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1. Remove the bolt at the rear of the seat using the ratchet set. The bolt is in clear view at the rear of the seat at the point where the seat meets the rear fender. 2. Remove the
The top speed on a STOCK Polaris Indy 500 is 100 mph. Thanks, ChaCha!
There should be a plate on the left side( when sitting on the sled) At the back above foot rail.
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