Polaris Indy 500?


The Polaris Indy 500 is one of the fastest snow mobiles that come off the production line.This snow mobile is extremely fast but it is also durable as well. There is also many parts that the rider can by in order to enhance the ride of it. A lot of people like to put better shocks on it because the faster the rider goes the harder it will hit the bumps and with better shocks the rider will not feel the bumps as bad.
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1. Remove the filler cap off of the gas tank and check the amount of fuel you have in the tank. Before you start looking for more complicated solutions, always check your fuel level
90 95 hp.
The 98 Indy 500 by Polaris has a 488cc (30.6hp) engine but there are no
it will not idle. When it stop it dies. it is very hard to start. please help me. it will not idle. When it stop it dies. it is very hard to start. please help me. 1 answer ·
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How to Troubleshoot a Polaris Indy 500
The Polaris Indy 500 was the last Polaris snowmobile to carry the Indy name. While the name was dropped in 2004, the company continues with the design and manufacturing of snowmobiles that it started in 1956. The company also produces motorbikes, ATVs... More »
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