How do you use a multimeter to test ohms with GB instruments?


A LED is a diode, so it will only glow if the polarity is wright. If you join the two terminals of the LED to the two terminals of the charger's connector and it lights, you know the charger's positive connection is the one touched by the longer leg (presumptuous uncut) of the LED, and the negative. To Use a Multimeter to test Ohms with GB Instruments you need to get familiar with the gadget. Set the multimeter to Ohms or Resistance (turn meter on). For more information about LED visit
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As applied to household AC conventions, there should be no voltage from N to Ground. Neutral is white, hot is black, ground is green. There should be voltage from black to N, Black
1. Remove your GB Instruments dial or gauge completely from the mount but leave all connecting wires intact. Turn off any electrical current to the system. Turn your gauge or dial
To use a multimeter to test your injectors first set
I use ohm meter to test the resistance of a coil,then compare the result with a good coil.
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