Polishing Ceramic Tile?


Polishing ceramic tile is application of a coating layer on ceramic hard wearing material. You can polish ceramic tiles by mixing apple cider vinegar with water to mop the surface and then allow the floor to dry.
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1. Prepare your ceramic floor for polishing by sweeping up all loose dirt and dust from its surface using a stiff broom or a broom brush. Be thorough and make sure to remove all loose
Yes, it can be repolished to a luster even higher than the original shine. What you have done is etched the tile. You need to buy some automotive rubbing compound at Walmart and polish
Cutting ceramic tile is a snap. Literally. There are three basic tools that you'll need: A tile cutter. You can buy a single rail ceramic tile cutter at any hardware or home supply
Porcelain tiles are often made from a light-colored clay that contains little iron oxide. Porcelain clay is denser than ceramic clay, and is baked at a higher temperature and for
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How to Polish Ceramic Tile
Sometimes the easiest solutions are also the best ones. This is certainly true for the most efficient and cost-effective way to polish ceramic tile. Using the most basic of ingredients and most common of household cleaning tools, you can make your... More »
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