What are poodles in heat like?


A poodle in heat displays the same signs of estrus as any other dog breed, including vaginal discharge and swelling of the teats and vulva. Smaller dogs may not display these physical signs as prominently as larger dogs, in part because their smaller body parts make the changes less obvious.

A poodle in heat will also display behavioral signs that it is in heat. It will urinate more frequently, spreading its scent over a wide area to attract other dogs to mate. It may become restless or even aggressive due to huge fluctuations in hormones over the course of the heat cycle. In the later stages of heat, the poodle will initiate sexual contact by presenting its vulva to other dogs.

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Approximately at the age of 6-8 months old.
All dogs are in heat for about 3 weeks. Make an appointment to get her spayed now, and keep her away from any intact males.
Typically, a standard poodle will be in heat for about three weeks. Does
I am told that females come into heat at about 12-13 months at the earliest. It lasts from 1-3 weeks but seems to the owner like FOREVER : I have always gotten my pets spayed at 6
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