How to Pop a Dent?


Perhaps the easiest way to pop a dent on a vehicle is to get a suction-cup type of device. This will allow you to suction the device to the dent. You then pull on the device to work the dent out. There are several products on the market that are intended for this purpose including 'Pop A Dent'.
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1. Plug the hair dryer into the extension cord and take it outside to your car. Take the can of compressed air with you, and the clean cloth. 2. Turn the hair dryer on to high heat.
Pops A Dent products can be purchased from sites like Amazon and eBay. There is also a AsSeenOnTV site selling them direct to customers, as well as an 800 number to order them from
I could describe perfectly for you how to use this product and it still might not work. There are so many X-factors in getting a good pull from it that you end up experimenting heavily
Cute, funny, and very nicely animated!
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