Popsicle Stick Trebuchet?


In order to make a trebuchet with Popsicle sticks, you will need step-by-step instructions. To complete the project, you will need Popsicle sticks, string, a plastic grocery bag, finishing nail, a paperclip, fishing weights, and hot glue.
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1. Attach your Popsicle stick to a weight (Recommended 2 pounds for a mini one) Ad. 2. Make a stand out of 7 other Popsicle sticks. 3. Put something to hold the item at the opposite
1. Place two popsicle sticks together, end-to-end. Place a third popsicle stick on top of the first two, laying it over the middle where they meet. Tape the popsicle sticks together
Study the design to understand the basic function. Then build one on a small scale. Chances are, even studying plans, it will take some experimentation. good luck
1. Put some newspaper down on a table. Place one popsicle stick down on the newspaper. Position the stick horizontally in front of you so that it's parallel to the edge of the table
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How to Make a Trebuchet From Popsicle Sticks
Any study of medieval weaponry will reveal one of the most deadly weapons created during that era: the trebuchet. The trebuchet was created in the mid- to late thirteenth century, and surpassed the catapult in a number of ways. The trebuchet could launch... More »
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